Country 600 CKAT Winner’s Circle

Here’s are this week’s winners:

Win Your Way to Boots & Hearts (June 22nd): Kelsey Laya, Garry Scott, Sarah Kane

Jackpot Radio (June 22nd): Krissi Doreen

Win Your Way to Boots & Hearts (June 21st): Valerie Barber

Jackpot Radio (June 20th): Cheryl Richard

Win Your Way To Boots & Hearts (June 20th): Greg Gilson, Paula Narburght

Jackpot Radio (June 18th): Leonard Maurice

Win Your Way To Boots & Hearts (June 18th): Ivan Evers

Jackpot Radio (June 15th): Cassandra S McCutcheon

Jackpot Radio (June 13th): Diane Sloan Twomey

Jackpot Radio (June 11th): Chantale Bruno

Jackpot Radio (June 8th): Kathy Hawkins Briggs

Jackpot Radio (June 6th): Karen Radey

Jackpot Radio (June 4th): Christine Hummel

Jackpot Radio (June 1st): Megan Taillefer


Jackpot Radio (May 30th): Jan Scott

Jackpot Radio (May 28th): Justin Perron

Jackpot Radio (May 25th): Marg MacDonald

Jackpot Radio (May 23rd): Scott Toebes

Jackpot Radio (May 22nd): Christine Hummel

Jackpot Radio (May 18th): Sean Poeta

Jackpot Radio (May 16th): Carol Lamirande

Jackpot Radio (May 14th): Diane Moffat

Jackpot Radio (May 11th): Suzanne Lemay

Jackpot Radio (May 9th): Holly Diane Brennan

Jackpot Radio (May 7th): Jeff Bark

See The Barra MacNeils (May 7th): Gwen Wallace, Kim Laur, Ron Lidkea, Jennifer Whitmell, Claire Garreau

See Welcome To Nashville (May 7th): Rolande Michauville, Janet Lance, Joan Mayer

Bingo Bonanza (May 4th): Diane Furrow, Arlene Laughren, Debbie Girard, Nikki Leblanc

Jackpot Radio (May 4th): Claudette Dumas

Jackpot Radio (May 2nd): Karen Radey

Jackpot Radio (April 30th): Randy Scott

Jackpot Radio (April 27th): Jessica Ryman

$50 TSC Savings Card (April 27th): Jen Jeffrey

Bingo Bonanza (April 27th): Ilene Ranger, Valerie Barber, Wilma Stewart,Helen Evers

Jackpot Radio (April 25th): Micheline Shank Hart

Jackpot Radio (April 23th): Natasha Perron Krause

Bingo Bonanza (April 20th): Bonnie Ethier, Rolande Michauville, Ivan Evers, Rita Horvath

Jackpot Radio (April 20th): Rebline Mac

$50 TSC Savings Card (April 20th): Martina Aguonia

Jackpot Radio (April 18th): Danna A Dessine

Jackpot Radio (April 16th): Luke Krause

Bingo Bonanza (April 16th): Julie McCorry, Jackie Leduc, Tracie Galan, Carol Ellis

Jackpot Radio (April 13th): Marg MacDonald

$50 TSC Savings Card (April 13th): Maggie Hummel

Jackpot Radio (April 11th): Suzanne Dupuis

Jackpot Radio (April 9th): Justin Perron

Bingo Bonanza (April 9th): Yvonne Baglole, Renee Charlebois, Pierrette Gauthier, Roseanne Young

Jackpot Radio (April 6th): Marcy Vaillancourt Pigeau

Jackpot Radio (April 4th): Sheri Harvey Loyer

Jackpot Radio (April 2nd): Jackie Leduc,Sharon Lee

See The Harlem Globetrotters (April 2nd): Robert Gauthier

Jackpot Radio (March 28th): Kim Anderson

Jackpot Radio (March 26th): Erica Weegar

Jackpot Radio (March 23rd): Jill Reichstein

Jackpot Radio (March 21st): Lori Hladin

Jackpot Radio (March 19th): Karen Radey

Jackpot Radio (March 16th): Barb Latour

Jackpot Radio (March 14th): Brenda Detta

Jackpot Radio (March 12th): Laurie Meilleur

Jackpot Radio (March 9th): Tasha PQ

Curling Code Word (March 9th): Robert Irvine

Jackpot Radio (March 7th): Janna Suy

Jackpot Radio (March 5th): Renee Charlebois

Jackpot Radio (March 2nd): Andrew Rich

Jackpot Radio (February 28th): Cathy Hawkins Briggs

Jackpot Radio (February 26th): Margaret MacDonald

Jackpot Radio (February 23rd): Ron Lidkea

Jackpot Radio (February 21st): Peter R Labrecque

Jackpot Radio (February 20th): Rita Horvath

Jackpot Radio (February 16th): Victoria Johnson

Meet & Greet Brett Kissel (February 16th): Lisa Gartner

Meet & Greet Brett Kissel (February 15th): Robert Irvine

Jackpot Radio (February 14th): Rene Gauthier

Meet & Greet Brett Kissel (February 14th): Amanda Wallace

Meet & Greet Brett Kissel (February 13th): Jenn Jeffrey

Jackpot Radio (February 12th): Gilles Perron

Jackpot Radio (February 9th): Kristy Hughes

Jackpot Radio (February 7th): Nancy Capassisit Goh

Jackpot Radio (February 5th): Randy Scott.

Jackpot Radio (February 2nd): Andrew Rich

Jackpot Radio (January 31st): Danna A Dessine

Jackpot Radio (January 30th): Maggie Hummel

Jackpot Radio (January 26th): Stephen Hayne

Jackpot Radio (January 25th): Tammy Peters St Jean

Jackpot Radio (January 22nd): Timothy Greenwood

Jackpot Radio (January 17th): Lise Ouellette

Jackpot Radio (January 15th): Donald St Jean

Jackpot Radio (January 12th): Claudette Dumas

Jackpot Radio (January 10th): Julie Robert Gardiner

Jackpot Radio (January 8th): Karen Radey

Jackpot Radio (January 5th): Lori Hladin

Jackpot Radio (January 3): Barbara Carter

Jackpot Radio (December 29): Brenda Delta, Lana Perron

Jackpot Radio (December 28): Mandi Aho

Win Tickets to Mattawa Voyageur Days 2018 (December 27th): Angela Williams

Hurry Hard Sweepstakes (December 27): Rhonda Parcey, Denise Kilmartin, Erva Grassier

Jackpot Radio (December 27): Kathy McCarroll

Jackpot Radio (December 22): Marg MacDonald

Jackpot Radio (December 20): Ron Lidkea

Jackpot Radio (December 18): Randy Scott

Jackpot Radio (December 15): Matthew Laprise

Hurry Hard (December 15): Jenn Jeffrey

Jackpot Radio (December 13): Ed Ross

Jackpot Radio (December 11):Natasha Perron-Krause

Hurry Hard Facebook Edition (December 11): Alex McLeod

Jackpot Radio (December 8): Wanda Burns

Jackpot Radio (December 6): Garry Jack

Jackpot Radio (December 4): Irene Vacheff

Win An Emergency Fire Safety Kit (December 4): Amanda Wallace

Jackpot Radio (December 1): Christopher M McCutcheon

Downtown Christmas Walk Curling Contest: Cheryl Wall, Kenny Blais, Justin Carre, Cheryl Miller

Jackpot Radio (November 29): Mardy Aguonia

Jackpot Radio (November 27): Kathy McCarroll

Jackpot Radio (November 24): Roseanne Young

Jackpot Radio (November 22): Karen Radey

Jackpot Radio (November 20): Erica Weegar

Win Tickets To Gateway Theatre Guild’s performance of 1837:  The Farmers’ Revolt  (November 23): Roseanne Young, Marg MacDonald, Phil McMillan

Jackpot Radio (November 17): Holly Diane Brennan

Jackpot Radio (November 15): Bobby Kharter, Jeanette Scott

2018 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship Opening Weekend Packages (November 13): Cheryl Miller

Jackpot Radio (November 10th): Sara L Kerr

Jackpot Radio (November 8th): Victoria Johnson

Murrary McLauchlan tickets (Nov 7th): Claudette Dumas, Erma Osborne, Vanessa Lynne Costello, Bobbi Albright

2018 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship Opening Weekend Packages (November 6): Carol Ellis

Jackpot Radio (November 6): Timothy Greenwood

Murrary McLauchlan tickets: Terry Green & Carol Ellis

Jackpot Radio (November 3): Tammy Peters St Jean

Jackpot Radio (November 1): Jan Scott

Jackpot Radio (October 30): Garry Scott

2018 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship Opening Weekend Packages (October 30): Eleanore Bell

2018 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship Full Event Packages: Lillian Cozac

Jackpot Radio (October 27): Garry Jack

Jackpot Radio (October 25): Cassandra S McCutcheon

Win Tickets to the CMA Awards (October 23): Katy Brodhagen

Jackpot Radio (October 23): Robert Irvine

Jackpot Radio (October 20): Janet Lance

Jackpot Radio (October 19): Bonnie Yvonne Baglole

Jackpot Radio (October 16): Roseanne Young, Marg MacDonald

Crack The Case (October 16): Jason Porcynally

Jackpot Radio (October 12): Matthew Laprise

Jackpot Radio (October 10): Linda Guillemette, Matt Belford

Heave Your Cleaver (October 10): Jenn Jeffrey

Jackpot Radio (October 2): Marnie Ferreira, Lori Hladin

Jackpot Radio (September 25): Garry Jack, Brenda Detta

Jackpot Radio (September 21): Christopher M McCutcheon

Jackpot Radio (September 18): Andre LaForest, Anne Bergeron

Tickets to Stories & Songs (September 14): Donna Giroux, Anna Liste, Yvonne Baglole

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 14): Nancy Edwards, Louise Kellar, Phil Miller

Jackpot Radio (September 14): Randy Scott

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 13): Karen Commanda, Janet Piche, Darlene Cook

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 12): Arlene Johnston, Claire Garreau, Wilma Stewart

Jackpot Radio (September 11): Jeannette Scott, Ron Lidkea

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 11): Jenn Jeffrey, Lorraine Dart, Lorna Vaughan

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 8): Carol Ellis, Janet Lance, Debbie Girard

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 7): Lorraine Ouellette, Al Parcey, Donald Langdon

Jackpot Radio (September 7): Louise Turcotte Kellar

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 6): Roseanne Young, Lorraine Ouellette, Diane Furrow

Blue Sky Bingo 10th Anniversary Party (September 5): Maggie Hummel, Jackie Leduc, Jane Gray

Jackpot Radio (September 5): Arlene Laughren, Matthew Laprise

Win Tickets to New Music Fest (September 1): Jeanette Scott

Win Tickets to New Music Fest (August 31): Joan Sparks

Jackpot Radio (August 31): Krissi Doreen

Win Tickets to New Music Fest (August 30): Kim Dubois

Bobby Wills ‘In Comes The Night’ EP (August 30): Jan Scott

Bobby Wills ‘In Comes The Night’ EP (August 29): Beth Habkirk

Win Tickets to New Music Fest (August 29): Raymond Labrecque

Jackpot Radio (August 28): Timothy Greenwood, Wilma Stewart

Jackpot Radio (August 24): Tammy Peters St Jean

Jackpot Radio (August 21): Roseanne Young, Lana Perron

Jackpot Radio (August 14): Laurie Meilleur, Carol Felice Howse

Jackpot Radio (August 10): Jackie Farmer

Jackpot Radio (August 8): Garry Scott, Margaret Macdonald

Blue Sky Bingo Christmas in July (August 4th): Missrlee Coleman

Jackpot Radio (August 3rd): Claudette Dumas

Blue Sky Bingo Christmas in July (August 3rd): Debbie Girard

Blue Sky Bingo Christmas in July (August 2nd): Lana Perron

Blue Sky Bingo Christmas in July (August 1st): Dolly Ross

Jackpot Radio (July 31): Christine Hummel, Nancy White

Blue Sky Bingo Christmas in July (July 31st): Patricia Greenwood

Jackpot Radio (July 27): Bonnie Yvonne Baglole

Jackpot Radio (July 24): Gilles Perron, Patricia Greenwood

Jackpot Radio (July 20): Mary Ellen Evers Kelly

Win Tickets to Havelock 2017 (July 17): Patricia Greenwood

Jackpot Radio (July 17th): Margaret MacDonald, Jaime Weldrick

Jackpot Radio (July 13th): Cathy Hawkins Briggs

Jackpot Radio (July 10th): Maggie Hummel, Megan Farmer

Jackpot Radio (July 4): Arlene Laughren, Tammy Peters St. Jean

Jackpot Radio (June 29): Jan Scott

Jackpot Radio (June 26): Irene Vacheff, Garry Scott

Jackpot Radio (June 22): Krissi Doreen

Jackpot Radio (June 19): Lana Perron, Janet Lance

Stars & Thunder VIP Pass (June 19): Beth Habkirk

Northern Lights Festival Boreal Sweepstakes (June 19): Rhonda Parecy

Jackpot Radio (June 15): Erica Weegar

Armed Forces Day Passes (June 15): Erica Weegar

Jackpot Radio (June 12): Andre Laforest

Jackpot Radio (June 8): Marg Macdonald

CMAO Awards VIP Passes (June 6): Rhonda Parcey

CMAO Awards Tickets (June 6): Kim James

CMAO Awards Tickets (June 5): Barry Pipe, Isabelle Vester

Jackpot Radio (June 5): Matthew Laprice, Darren Vacheff

CMAO Awards Tickets (June 1): Marguerite Tremblay

Jackpot Radio (June 1): Wilma Stewart

CMAO Awards Tickets (May 31): Donna Finlayson

CMAO Awards Tickets (May 30): Kim Dubois

CMAO Awards Tickets (May 29): Elanore Bell

Jackpot Radio (May 29): Jeannette Scott, Tammy Peters St. Jean

CMAO Awards Tickets (May 26): Kim Dubois

Fishing Derby Facebook contest (May 26): Al Martin

Jackpot Radio (May 25): Patricia Greenwood

CMAO Awards Tickets (May 25): Holly Duquette

Country 600 Jackpot Radio (May 23): Jan Scott, Garry Scott

Fishing Derby Facebook contest (May 19): Graham Belleville

Jackpot Radio (May 18):  Denise Amyotte St-Onge

Jackpot Radio (May 15): Bonnie Yvonne Baglole, Timothy Greenwood

Jackpot Radio (May 8): Doreen Quirt, Maggie Hummel

Dirt Road Scholar (May 8): Samantha Gravel

Jackpot Radio (May 5): Erica Weegar

Dirt Road Scholar (May 5): Joseph Cantin

Thank You Contest (May 5): Richard Pacaud

Jackpot Radio (May 4): Ivan Evers

Welcome to Nashville Facebook Contest (May 4): Vincent W Larochelle

Dirt Road Scholar (May 4): Jacynthe Whaley

Welcome To Nashville Facebook contest (May 3): Julie Robert Gardiner

Dirt Road Scholar (May 3): Robert Irvine

Dirt Road Scholar (May 2): Lisa Gartner

Welcome To Nashville Facebook contest (May 2): JoAnne Welton

Jackpot Radio (May 1): Arlene Laughren

Sunday Morning Gospel Show Raffle (May 1): Lise Rivet

Welcome to Nashville (April 28): Laura McKenzie, Diane Hotte

Jackpot Radio (April 27): Robert Irvine

Welcome to Nashville (April 27): Renee May

Welcome to Nashville (April 26): Richard Hudebine

Welcome to Nashville (April 25): Patricia Greenwood

Jackpot Radio (April 24): Roseanne Young, Len Baker

Music Through Time Raffle (April 24): Jennifer Whitmell

Jackpot Radio (April 20): Patricia Greenwood

Jackpot Radio (April 17): Sara L Kerr, Eveline Raymond

Jackpot Radio (April 13): Susan Seguin

Family Movie Pack (April 3rd): Ronald Mousseau

Canadian Rednecks Who Git R Dun: Anna Doupe, Megan Farmer

WWE Big Hitters Prize Pack: Beverly Mousseau

Fisherman’s Friends Survival Kit (March 20th): Jim Laughren

Local Talents Raffle (March 13): Rolande Michauville

Road to Wrestlmain Raffle (March 6): Ralph Brooks

Record Raffle (February 27): Tammy McBride

Romantic Movie Prize Pack (February 21): Debbie Kitchen

Bingo Bonanza (February 21): Robert Irvine, Carol Ellis, Jackie Leduc, Katrina Hartin, Maggie Hummel

Infinity Tickets (February 13): Claire Garreau, Kathy McCarroll, Rhonda Parcey, Robert Parcey, Audrey Kunkel

Bingo Bonanza (February 13): Pat Brooks, Ralph Brooks, Tracie Galan, Gail Degagne, William Mcleod

Bingo Bonanza (February 6): Danny Leduc, Scott McBride, Nikki Leblanc, Debbie Girard, Aggie Thibeault

Country Boys Music Pack (February 6): Connie Begley

Bingo Bonanza (January 30): Lorna Vaughn, Lorraine Dart, Janet Piche, Diane Furrow, Wilma Stewart

Great Performances Movie Pack (January 30): Lorraine Dart