A West Ferris grad who is now a nurse in a Toronto area hospital is almost done isolating after contracting COVID-19.

Alison Szarka tells BayToday she works in a COVID crisis area and believes it was inevitable.

She also says getting sick was intense, especially over three days.

“I had such a bad headache and bad body aches that all I could do was sleep and take Tylenol. It was really painful. I was just moaning and groaning, it felt like I wasn’t even conscious of doing that, I was just in so much pain. I call it the flu on steroids,” she says.

Szarka says the support she has received has been overwhelming.

“Because I guess it (COVID-19) is on everyone’s mind and they were just so worried. Friends and family, everyone wanted to help, even people I barely talk to, they found out and they all wanted to do something like bring something over,” she tells BayToday.

Szarka graduated from the York University nursing program in 2019 and started working at her GTA hospital this past December.

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