North Bay OPP have charged their 20th impaired driver of the year, a 57 year old North Bay resident.

On Monday night officers spotted an ATV driver on Roy’s Road not wearing a helmet.

After speaking with the driver, they were arrested for impaired.

Police say the person has also been a suspended driver since 1992 and was charged for that too.


Stats are in from Canada Road Safety Week for the North Bay OPP.

Two drivers were charged with impaired, one by drug and the other by alcohol.

212 speeding charges were also issued along with three stunt driving counts.

Three distracted driving charges were also laid.

The results from the Northeast Region are in too.

Overall, 1,100 charges were laid and that’s 48 % more than last year.

The stats show there were marked increases year to year in distracted driving, impaired driving and speeding but there were fewer charges in the seat belt compliance area.

(File photo by station staff)