A marathon swimmer from Hamilton is holding a fundraising swim in July in North Bay.

Marilyn Korzekwa is planning to swim about 28 km across Lake Nipissing, without a wetsuit and without any rest.

Officials say the swim is being sanctioned by Solo Swims of Ontario.

This won’t be her first marathon swim in this part of the province.

“I’ve swum all four big Muskoka Lakes, that includes Lake of Bays, and Lake Ontario twice so it’s the next big lake,” she says.

Previous swims have also included Lake Superior, the Catalina Straight, English Channel, Lake Tahoe and more.

Korzekwa says the swim this summer will take place between July 9th and 14th.

“We picked a big weather window because the lake can get really choppy with just a moderate amount of wind so we have to pick the best weather to make it possible for me to accomplish this goal,” she says.

In the lead up to the main event, Korzekwa says she’ll swim a third of the distance in late June, from the Manitous to North Bay.

All donations from the July swim will be going to NADY to assist the Nipissing Trackers.

Korzekwa’s captain is Rick Taylor, past coordinator with the Trackers for 25 years.

(File photo by station staff)

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