The ‘Empowering Women Catering Project’ at the North Bay and District Multicultural Centre is launching later this week.

Coordinator Vijanti Ramlogan Murphy says a dozen immigrant women have obtained their food handlers licences and are learning about small business to become self-employed.

“Learning how to cater, learning about commercial kitchens that are available for rent in town and all the venues that they could end up, perhaps doing craft shows and the Farmers Market,” she says, pointing to ready-made meals as a selling option at those venues.

The program includes women from the Caribbean, Middle East, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Central and South America.

Ramlogan Murphy says some of the women had restaurants in their native countries, but there are different challenges here.

“They’re learning a different language, learning what works best, it’s nice to help speed it up for them and give them the confidence again. They have the skill set, but it’s just a matter of navigating a new place,” she says.

Partnering with the Northern Himalayan Café at Jack Garland airport allows the women to be mentored by those who have already grown a successful business in ethnic fusion food.

“Northern Himalayan Café is proud to feature a variety of ethnic tastings and celebrate different cultures,” stated Laxmi Konwar, co-owner of the Café in a release.

Their first event, a buffet dinner at the Café, is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 1st at 5:30 pm.

The theme of the evening is celebrating the upcoming Mongolian, Persian and Syrian New Years.

Tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for children under 12, and are available at the Multicultural Centre.

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Above: From top left to right: Blanca Molina, Katia Mallma, Ankha Wiedman, Maria Hagop, Dima Almjadi, Sara Rahimi bottom left to right Nour Jabr, Zahra Jabr, Monika Kundu, Paola Little missing Claudette Brown, Victoria Blahut and Shahin Khorsand

Vijanti Ramlogan, Laxmi Konwar, Ankha Wiedman and Sara Rahimi preparing for the Feb 1st event.
Laxmi Konwar, co-owner of Northern Himalayan Cafe, cooking, who is mentoring the women in our Empowering Women Catering project

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