A unique brand of comedy and entertainment is coming to the Capitol Centre later this month. It’s called HYPROV.

And it’s improvisational comedy while under hypnosis.

The performers are hypnotist Asad Mecci and well known improv artist Colin Mochrie who starrred in Whose Line Is It Anyway ?

The show sees 20 audience members hypnotized and the top five do some improv comedy while under hypnosis.

Mochrie says he’s always striving to find something out of his comfort zone and going with it.

“And I couldn’t think of being more out of my comfort zone than working with five people who I’ve never met before who are in a hypnotic trance. It makes the show interesting and fascinating to watch people’s hidden talents come to the fore,” he says.

Mecci was asked what he looks for when determining who makes the cut.

“I’m looking for slow sluggish movement, muted voice and mask like facial expression. If I see these characteristics I will keep the person on stage. If not I will remove them,” Mecci says.

The show is on January 28th. For details on tickets go to www.capitolcentre.org

(photo by station staff)

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