There will be a new maximum speed limit on Pinewood Park Drive from Lakeshore Drive to south of Decaire Road in the New Year.

City council passed a reduction from the current 70 km an hour to 60 last night.

Chair of infrastructure and operations Councillor Chris Mayne says there’s a good reason for the decision.

” The area has been built up with coffee shops and restaurants and the existing hotel traffic. The traffic department has identified it as an area with a lot of in and out traffic and so they they want to slow traffic down a bit,” Mayne says.

As well, he says traffic is expected to increase in the future.

“Future traffic will include more vehicles with the casino being built and the new community centre too. This is all about conditioning drivers to slow down a little bit as they get close to the more built up areas of the city,” he says.

Now past that area the speed limit is 80 km and council will be looking at reducing that figure to 70 but no decisions have been made yet.

(photo by station staff)

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