North Bay could be home to a quinoa processing and packaging plant in the next year or so.

Jamie Draves, a former city resident, spoke to BayToday at the recent Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.

He says they’re looking at either North Bay or New Liskeard to build the facility.

“Hope that that facility could expand in the future to other crops and superfoods,” he says. “There’s a lot of favourable things, my heart is still in northern Ontario having grown up there, that makes for a really good fit. We’re optimistic in this next year we’ll be able to move forward on that.”

Draves, who is the co-owner of Quinta Quinoa, was asked about employee numbers.

“Depends on how big it gets, initially probably five or seven but it could easily expand up to 20 with the different things that we’re looking at,” he says.

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