A few changes for the Amelia Rising Sexual Violence Support Centre.

Executive Director Brigitte Lebel says they include a new location.

They’re still in the same Worthington St.building but are now on the 2nd floor in a bigger space.

But there’s another big change including a new logo and a new message.

“The old Amelia wasn’t quite suitable for what we’re moving towards because it’s very feminine and clearly a woman so we thought we would go with something that didn’t have a gender,” she says.

She says a Phoenix is on the logo indicating rising from the ashes into a brighter future from something horrible into something better.

Lebel says the new branding is all about accepting clients regardless of gender and not only women.

“Over the next three years we’re really going to be growing our services so we can make them safe and inclusive for all genders. Currently, we’re only funded for women 16 and up and we want to make things more inclusive than that,” Lebel says.

She says they’re seeing a lot of younger clients now of different genders between the ages of 12 and 19 and recently received funding on that.

(photos by station staff)

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