We told you earlier this month that the North Bay Fire Department was receiving $150,000 for additional training for its highly Specialized Disaster Search and Rescue Team.

North Bay Fire Chief Jason Whiteley says there used to be three technician level teams in the province and now  there will be six including one in North Bay.

He told BayToday with his extra funding the fire department’s role will change.

“In our establishing by-law we were recognized as an operations level team which is kind of a defensive team. We’re going to be a technician level now which is more offensive. You go into the hazard zone and physically stop the problem,” Whiteley says.

He says the extra training will start in the fall.

” We’re running a course this fall. All new firefighters coming into the service will have to be trained at technician level. So eventually, we’re going to have to have a high number,” he says.

Whiteley says with the increased designation they may be needed to attend an incident in several communities in addition to North Bay including Ottawa, Peterborough, Thunder Bay, Toronto and Windsor.

(photo by station staff)

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