Organizers of next month’s Nipissing Region Culture Days have announced program details.

The three day event takes place from September 27th-September 29th throughout the community.

Events include an gallery hop, a Masque Parade and a Drumming and Dance Workshop.

Committee member Richard Fortin says there’s also the Art Jam Ferris Block Party.

“We want to celebrate as much art coming together at one time in one place. That’s whether visual art, music, installation work or a mural,” he says.

Committee member Karen Strang says Saturday promises to be a busy day with the opening ceremony and a drumming and dance workshop at the waterfront and an International Food Festival on Lakeshore Drive at the co working space.

“There are people who have come to our community that will be providing the food as well as several of our restaurants who will be preparing ethnic dishes,” Strang says.

Officials say they are in need of volunteers and sponsors needed to help put on the event.

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(photo by station staff)

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