A ground breaking ceremony has been held at Lee Park for the still to be installed new accessible and age-friendly playground equipment.

Kiwanis Club of Nipissing President Ralph Celentano expects the $500,000 project to be ready for the public this fall.

He says there will be no shortage of things to do for kids as there will be junior structures for the young ones ages 0-6 and senior structures for the older ones ages 7-12.

“There’s going to be sensory panels, stumps, cubes so lots of different variety. Every visit the children will be able to find a different corner to explore and enjoy,” he says.

Celantano says there will be a swing set to accommodate physically challenged children.

“There will be sliders and gliders that the kids can get on, leave their chair, enjoy the activity and return to their chair,” Celantano says.

(photo by station staff)


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