The city is projecting it will end the year on budget.

The figures were released for all departments through to the end of June.

The chair of Infrastructure and Operations Councillor Chris Mayne told BayToday Engineering, Environmental Services and Works is projecting a $90,000 deficit thanks to the winter maintenance budget being over budget.

“We were expecting to be over budget. The numbers came out this week through staff. We’re over budget by $809,000. This is the most significant overage we’ve had in my years on council,” he says.

He says the reserves amount are short of that at $760,000 and the year isn’t over yet.

“Hopefully, we won’t have an exceptional November and December and be back to more typical conditions,” Mayne says.

Also projecting deficits are Corporate Services at $75,000 and General Government at $210,000.

Departments in a surplus position are Community Services at $332,000, the fire department at $30,000 and Service Partners at $12,000.

(Photo by station staff)

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