North Bay City Council has approved a study that would outline the condition of the Lamorie Street Bridge.

The chair of the Infrastructure and Operations Committee Councillor Chris Mayne told BayToday that would include possible replacement.

“That could be a $9 million project but I’m sure council would be reluctant to take on. That’s even with partner funding from federal and provincial partners. Even $3 million is a significant investment for the community to make,” Mayne says.

He says another possibility is just to replace the decking.

“From the underside of the deck, the steel structure, the abutments. To me they seem reasonably sound. But that’s why we’re doing the study. The engineers will look at it an tell us if we can save the bridge at less cost than a complete replacement,” he says.

The cost of the study is $97,000.

(photo by station staff)

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