North Bay is welcoming back the ‘ON THE EDGE’ Fringe Festival this week.

This is the sixth annual festival.

There are ten unique productions lined up Tuesday through Saturday at the WKP Kennedy Gallery, the Galaxy Circle Lounge, the Capitol Centre’s Basement, and the Betty Speers Theatre.

Artistic Director Kelsey Ruhl says there’s everything from dance to sketch comedy and more.

“One group is doing Argentinian PointeTango, they’re flying right in from Saskatoon Fringe to come to our festival in North Bay. We have ’80s Kids Will Understand, which is a really fun sketch comedy show that tours a ton of ‘Fringes’, we have some great local acts as well,” she says.

The productions include:
– Into the Tango choreographed by Alexander Richardson, presented by PointeTango
– Artemisia by Stephanie Kast
– Pigeon! by Garrett M. Ryan, presented by Bird on Stage Productions
– House in Virginia by Keegan MacNeil
– Tornado Troubles by Rory Gardiner
– 80s Kids Will Understand presented by The Ringos
– 100 Million Leagues Under the Sea by Garrett M. Ryan and Brody Hawkins, presented by Bird on Stage Productions
– Cold Storage by the Fringe Festival Youth Interns
– My Mother’s Love by Stevie Lyons, presented by Paradox Repertory Company
– The Tragedy of Errors by Matthew Lishman, presented by Red Truck Productions

Ruhl says the festival is always a fun event.

“We have created such an amazing community, everybody is running around the halls saying ‘what show are you seeing next? Do you want to go for a beer after and talk about what we just saw?’ It’s such a family feeling, it’s such an event, it’s so much fun and I hope people come out and enjoy it as much as we do every year,” She says.

There’s also a workshop series with Clayton Windatt’s company ‘Zakide’.

“They are running an arts performance workshop that’s all about installation art and performance art that’s going to be infusing the halls of the Capitol Centre throughout the week,” Ruhl says.

Tickets to the performances range from $10 – $15 and may be purchased through the Capitol Centre Box Office or at the door of each venue.

Festival Passes, which provide access to all shows, are also available for $100.


(File photo by station staff)

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