This year I have committed to having #fiftytwocoffees with fellow young professionals in our community. Once a week I have been randomly paired with someone to meet, learn, and make a new connection! The idea is to bring the young business community together and grow a stronger North Bay!

This week, I got to chat with Rachel Hargan, she’s the Owner of Plan A for the Nipissing, Muskoka and Simcoe areas.

Plan A recruits health care professionals who are then “loaned out” to various long term health care facilities when there is a staffing need, within a specific region.

I didn’t know this kind of service existed before I met Rachel, it was interesting to hear about the inter workings of this area of our health care system.

We had to do our meet up online as Rachel is now located in Barrie, as she wanted a more centralized office between the various areas they service, however she still wanted to keep her 52 coffees commitment because she still does a lot of work within our region.

She said she loved living in North Bay but like many young people in the city right now she was hoping there would be continued growth and investment in long term job options for people working in all industries. We had a great chat about the differences in living in a more southern area (her in Barrie, me growing up in Brampton) and how they differ with living in North Bay.

It was great to meet Rachel and chat with her!

Twelve cups down, 40 more to go!

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