Flooding has resulted in the Federal Government banning boating on the Ottawa River from Mattawa to Hudson, Quebec near Montreal.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced the move saying it’s needed to protect the safety of people and vessels, and to help first responders do their jobs in flooding conditions.

OPP say it’s to protect temporary berms, too.

The order starts at the Otto Holden Dam.

It also includes the Mattawa River from the Hurdman Dam to where the Mattawa and Ottawa Rivers meet.

Along with pleasure crafts, the restrictions include people-powered boats like canoes and kayaks too.

OPP say if anyone is found boating in the closed area, they will be subject to a charge and fine of not more than $1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than 18 months, under the federal Canada Shipping Act, 2001, section 40.1(1).

There are a few exceptions, one being a person who operates a vessel solely to gain access to their property that is not accessible by road.

West Nipissing, meantime, has closed all boat launches in that area.


The call is going out for more volunteers as sandbagging efforts on Jocko Point Road continue.

Nipissing First Nation officials say the flooding situation threatens to get worse due to rainfall and snowmelt in northern regions.

As of Tuesday morning they’ve gone through 35,000 sandbags, and counting.

Anishinabek Police are holding a free bbq from noon to 1pm today at the Jocko Point Fire Hall as a part of Police Week.

At least 150 homes and cottages have been impacted by severe flooding on Jocko Point Road.


(Photos by station staff)

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