Local businesses can increase accessibility to their shops through a local awareness program that started in 2018. 

Former Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee Chair Nora Long told Council this week they partnered with local businesses, who donated materials to build ramps to provide access to inaccessible, one-step buildings.

“MAAC received advice and direction from Access2all founders Nadine Law and Dan Lebrun. Access2all is a non-for-profit group out of Sudbury that works with Community Partners to build ramps to provide to local businesses,” she told council. 

A ramp was displayed at the Farmers Market then donated to New Ontario Brewing and more can be made.

“In 2019, MAAC has enough materials to build 11 more ramps and has partnered with the Design Class at St. Joseph-Scollard Hall to build the ramps for local businesses,” Long says.

New committee chair Brian Bibeault points out the school year ends in June, so those interested in getting one of the free, accessible ramps should contact the committee soon.

He also highlighted another project recently announced by the city involving a mobility mat that will increase accessibility at Marathon Beach.

“The beach mat is going in in June,” Bibeault told council. “It will be one more item from the MAAC Committee to make North Bay totally barrier-free.” 

Also of note, an accessibility awareness event is planned for the lobby at City Hall on June 6th.