OPP are conducting a seat belt campaign this long weekend, reminding drivers and passengers about the importance of buckling up.
Provincial Police say a 10-year data trend analysis show 24 percent of people killed on OPP patrolled roadways were not wearing a seat belt.
That’s 594 lives lost between 2009 and 2018.
“As a driver or passenger, you can do more than just buckle up. Before you head out on the road, look beyond your own seat belt. If anyone in the vehicle is not wearing one, ask them to buckle up for everyone’s safety. Remind them that during a collision, unrestrained vehicle occupants may become human projectiles and pose an additional threat to other people in the vehicle, even those who are wearing a seat belt,” says Thomas Carrique, Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police.
The OPP seat belt campaign takes place Friday, April 19th through Monday, April 22nd.
Police say a total of 2,483 vehicle occupants died in collisions between 2009 and 2018.

(criminal record checks)

The North Bay OPP say there have been changes to the criminal record check process.

The detachment say they will no longer accept record check applications on anyone under 18 unless the check is required by the local, provincial or federal government.

This means checks on applications over the age of 18 will not include youth records resulting in misleading criminal check results.

The OPP says this will impact some students in post-secondary education who need a criminal check record for placement and for young people who need a criminal check done for non-government employment.

(file photo by station staff)

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