There were two rallies in front of Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli’s office in North Bay on Wednesday.

The first one, with about 200 people on hand, highlighted concerns about health care cuts and privatization of health care.

It also covered opposition to the provinces decision to merge several health agencies into one super agency, called Ontario Health.

Natalie Mehra is executive director of the Ontario Health Coalition.

She says the province has been busy making changes to health care since being elected, but no one voted for those changes.

“Did anyone here vote to have one ambulance service for all of northeastern Ontario, one public health service for all of northeastern Ontario, one third of the public health budget cut for Ontario,” she asked the crowd.

Michael Hurley, regional vice president for CUPE, says now is not the time to restructure health care.

He cites the decision to reduce the number of health units from 35 to 10.

The second rally was more wide-ranging, with several concerns about last week’s provincial budget including impacts on education and health care.

The speakers included a registered nurse, support staff in high schools and the elementary level, too.

One speaker, Christine Golden challenged Fedeli to see what’s happening in our schools so he can see for himself.

“These poor teachers and education staff who try and educate but sadly have to backpedal and deal with behaviors. I’m not blaming the kids. They need support and then the education can happen,” she says.

Main Street was blocked off for traffic for the first protest, but not the second.


(Photos by station staff) 



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