Canadore President George Burton is reiterating that the college is allowing ‘due process’ to take place involving an independent investigation of allegations of misconduct and harassment.

He tells BayToday part of that will be to present the report to the board’s executive committee when it’s complete.

Burton also says there’s no timeline for when the investigation will wrap up.

“We want the time frame to go back a full 10 years, we want that to be independent, we don’t need extra pressure on the investigation,” he says. “When it’s complete, it’ll be complete and it will come forward to the executive committee of the board.”

Burton was also asked about some people wanting the employee involved to be put on paid or unpaid leave.

“We made a comment that we’re going to let due process unfold and until that unfolds we’ll be taking no further action,” he says.


(File photo by station staff)

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