Getting high speed internet service is a big priority for local mayors and Chief Administrative Officers.

They highlighted the need Tuesday at a meeting at North Bay City Hall.

Mayor Al McDonald says this is a problem for all of the 11 communities represented at the meeting including North Bay.

“We have professionals that live out on Northshore Peninsula Road and they can’t get the service they need so they have to drive in to work to do their job,” he says.

West Nipissing Mayor Joanne Savage says not having high speed internet is affecting business.

“If you don’t have that communication opportunity with the outside world for either marketing or selling goods it’s a disadvantage,” she says.

McDonald says several other issues were discussed including sharing some services and growing the north.

“All of the communities want to grow and that’s good to hear as it’s important to increase the population which would increase business and people to the north. Also, there’s a willingness to work together,” McDonald says.

McDonald says the communities will be working together on contracting services and possibly borrowing top building officials on important community projects.

Callander Mayor Hec Lavigne says the communities have similar issues that need to be addressed so its important to work together on a number of fronts.

“including many services like planning, engineering, human resources and economic development,” Lavigne says.

Other issues discussed include growing the size of communities, immigration opportunities and the impact of last week’s provincial budget.

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