Traffic flow will be improved once a major reconstruction project at the intersection of Seymour and the Bypass is completed.

That’s the end benefit of traffic delays with the staged project, with on-site work scheduled to begin in a couple weeks, once the frost is out of the ground and the asphalt plant opens.

City senior project manager Gerry McCrank says it’s a $6.6 million project that will wrap up in late summer or early fall 2020.

“We move the traffic over, and we always have to maintain the two lanes straight through and the single lane the other way. It’s just a slow, methodical process, it’s very expensive, there’s lots of work to do in that tiny, little space,” he says.

Three legs of the intersection will include double left-hand turns, plus there’s a dedicated single right lane heading westbound.

“In the end, we should be able to provide a better experience for people trying to get through the intersection, because now on every left hand turn, we’ll be able to put double the traffic through the intersection,” he says.

Some work will happen at night including a cross culvert in stage one of the project, cutting across the road.


Meantime, water service repairs are slated for today in the 100 block of Lakeshore Drive, resulting in the southbound lanes being closed for about 11 hours.

The city says the repairs should be complete by 6 pm.

Southbound traffic will be diverted into the centre northbound lane.

Northbound traffic will use the curbside lane.
(Photos of Seymour/Bypass project by Matthew Sookram)