This year I have committed to having #fiftytwocoffees with fellow young professionals in our community. Once a week I have been randomly paired with someone to meet, learn, and make a new connection! The idea is to bring the young business community together and grow a stronger North Bay!

For week eight, I got to chat with Bobby Ray, he’s the manager of North Bay Curling at the Granite Club, and he’s the one that really got this 52 coffees idea all started.

We had a great chat about what it’s like to run a sports club, how this program is going overall, what the inspiration was and growing both curling and tennis in North Bay.

Bobby says memberships to the curling club have really started to grow over the last couple of years and he credits the big events such as the Women’s World Curling Championships last year for continuing to get more people not only watching the sport but participating in it as well.

He says it’s also his goal to get a curling pro at the granite club. This is not something currently offered at curling clubs but if you think about it, it makes a ton of sense.

Any golf course has a golf pro that’s there to help and teach techniques to any members who may need it. Tennis clubs have the same thing. Why don’t curling clubs?

I really hope that works out for Bobby, it was great to catch up with him, he’s a hard working guy that really wants to see this community succeed.

Eight cups down, 44 more to go!

Thanks to Twiggs on McKeown (lovely new location) for the coffee this week!

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