We’re just over a week away from Kevin’s Longest Morning fundraiser for Rotary4Kids.

KiSS 100.5 morning show host Kevin Oschefski will be on the air for 29 hours March 28th and 29th, broadcasting live from Canadian Tire on McKeown.

There’s also a pancake breakfast at WJ Fricker with the event wrapping up at Burger World on Hammond.

He says the big benefits to this event are you’re raising funds that stay in the community and you see the difference that funds that you give make.

“Whether it be to help them purchase that piece of equipment they need so their kids can take a bath. Or to allow them to do things like downhill skiing or other activities that all kids like to do,” he says.

Derek Shogren is the general manager at Canadian Tire in North Bay. He says the company supports kids getting a chance to play and this event fits in perfect with that.

“The fact that we have volunteer service clubs in North Bay that donate money and time to do this. And to have Rogers and KISS 100.5 involved. It was a no brainer to get involved and I’m looking forward to helping raise money for a great cause,” Shogren says.

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