There’s good news for the City of North Bay in the new federal budget.

That’s the word from MP Anthony Rota who says Ottawa is doubling gas tax funding to cities to $2.2 billion.

“For the City of North Bay for example, that makes a difference of almost $3.5 million extra that they can spend on whatever they need. We’re looking at fast-tracking it so it can be used this summer in projects the city already has in place,” he says.

Rota also says the budget looks to create jobs and includes benefits for seniors, first-time home buyers and plans for a national pharmacare program.

As for the province’s finance minister calling the budget a ‘disappointing’ document, Rota says he’s curious to see what Ontario is up to when their budget comes down next month.

The new Ontario government has been negative on a lot of things and I don’t think you bring people up by pushing them down. I think it’s important that we keep building and looking forward to a bright future, and keep putting these programs in place,” he says.

MPP Vic Fedeli delivers Ontario’s budget on April 11th.

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