The Laurentian Ski Hill says it will be expanding its beginner hill in time for next season.

General Manager Cam Graham told Bay Today they have received $145,000 from the Trillium Foundation to support a $170,000 project.

A $2,500 donation was received on Wednesday from Pierre Seguin an official with company Donald Seguin Ltd.

Graham says the beginner hill right now isn’t very long before a skier goes to the main hill.

“We’re going to start the expansion right off the back of the beginner hill. Then have a gentle slope through the bush, all the way down the hill and that’ll make a difference for new and less aggressive skiers,” he says.

Graham says it’s hard to get your skills better without getting on to the main part of the hill.

” Now, you’ll get a longer run in, work on your snowboarding and skiing skills all the way down the hill and it should make an easier transition to the intermediate and more advanced stage of skiing or snowboarding,” Graham says.

He says with a longer beginner hill they could attract more skiers and snowboarders.

Graham says they’ll have snowmaking equipment nearby as part tof the expansion.

If you would like to support the initiative contact Cam at the hill.

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