A forum on opiod use in the community is going to be held Thursday.

Veteran North Bay Police officer Constable Brad Reaume is trying to get the message out that members of the public should speak out about observed behaviour in their neighborhoods on issues like drug use.

He told BayToday they need help to begin efforts to stamp out this epidemic.

“Any effort that the community can do to push back this epidemic is needed. It’s coming significantly fast. Our mortality rates are increasing and our calls relating to fentanyl overdoses are increasing,” he says.

Reaume says this is a public safety issue. For example, the public is not hesitant if they see an impaired motorist driving in the middle of the day down Lakeshore Drive.

“And there’s kids all over the street and the person that is driving the car is drinking a 26 oz.bottle of vodka. That person calls 9-1-1. The police stop the driver. He’s driving impaired. What is that person that called 9-1-1. He’s called a hero and that’s where we want things to be,” he says.

Reaume says paramedics locally are seeing a 500 % increase of suspected opioid overdoses in our community year to year.

“It’s called heroin on steroids. It’s consumes people so much. It’s not an experimental drug. It’s an experiment and you’re addicted,” he says.

The forum is set for Thursday night at Odysee High School beginning at 6:30.

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