Canadore College has announced a partnership with The DNA company.

Officials say the result will see a genomics lab at the college

Chief Executive Officer of the DNA Company Kashif Khan says they were looking place to set up shop and Canadore fit the bill.

“We don’t need to be in a specific place but we need to be with a specific team that has the same vision, wants to work at our pace and wants to bring true innovation to market,” he says.

Canadore president George Burton says the construction of the lab has already started and the project will include two DNA sequences that will teach the world a lot more about diseases and how to prevent them and treat them more efficiently.

Burton was asked what this announcement means for Canadore.

“It ties to our approach in The Village. It ties in to growing our science platform. It looks at new areas where jobs are emerging. It’s part of our continuing evolution,” he says.

Canadore will be starting professional development courses in Genomics testing.

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