This year I have committed to having #fiftytwocoffees with fellow young professionals in our community. Once a week I have been randomly paired with someone to meet, learn, and make a new connection! The idea is to bring the young business community together and grow a stronger North Bay!

For week seven, I got to chat with Kurt Tempelmens Plat, Owner of KTP Racquet Club.

We had a great chat about what it’s like to be the only person in town offering a specific service.

His club has grown over the years and has produced some very talented players who have been able to not only compete against high ranking players down south, but even earning medals along the way.

Kurt says one of the challenges is not having an official home for his badminton players and relying on utilizing existing gym space. Kurt is working hard at not only trying to find a permanent home, but also continuing to build the club memberships through great mentoring and coaching.

Kurt has lived most of his life in North Bay and we reminisced about some of the great days of the Heritage Festival and discussed ideas for how we would like to see North Bay grow.

A pleasure to meet and chat with Kurt

Seven cups down, 45 more to go!

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