Close to 200 passengers were stuck on an Amtrak Train in the mountains of Oregon for 40 hours due to weather related issues. The CBC talked to a passenger (link below) who talked about being prepared for just such an occasion, and what took place during the delay.
What’s the longest travel delay you’ve ever faced? And were people coping with it well?
On the last day of our honeymoon, my wife and I were stuck at the airport in Rome for 7 hours because all the computers in the entire airport went down. Every airline had to manually check in everything. From luggage, to passengers, to assigning seats to booking pilots and flight attendants. (It was an eye opener to how much we need computers, but that’s a topic for another day). 
It was annoying, yes, but there was nothing we could do but enjoy each others company…it was our honeymoon after all. The majority of everyone we were around seemed to be taking everything well. Nobody was freaking out or throwing a fit. The only thing that really seemed to aggravate people was when an announcement would come over the PA and say “we expect to be able to get going in an hour….” the hour would pass and the same message would repeat.

I may have offended a nun though. Sitting at a table, she approached and asked something in Italian and it was beyond my comprehension of the language and I just said “sorry, English?” She gave me a stern look and walked away.

My wife returned from the bathroom. I said “I think I just made a nun mad.”
She said “So I can’t leave you alone for five minutes?”