Two Vision Volleyball teams won medals at weekend events.

The 17UG team was in Oshawa and won gold in an 18UG event while the 16UG Vision team won silver at the OVA McGregor Cup in Barrie.

The 14 and 15UG teams are getting ready for the Capitol Classic in Washington, DC.

t’s the largest tournament in the world with 950 teams playing over the Presidents Day weekend.

Vision, which is known for volleyball, has branched out to form the Vision Weightlifting Club.

Athletes are being trained and coached by Danny Gosselin at the newly built Vision High Performance Centre.

This past weekend three athletes took part in a lifting meet at Centennial College.

Booke Allerston won a silver while Cameron Dahr and Whisper Gillespie both won bronze medals.

17UG (pictured above) Team Members: Sofia Berardi, Joelle Horner, Tori Gravelle, Payton Sproule, Logan Thompson, Katie Bethune, Carlie Pappano, Meadow Gillespie, Bronwyn Bourre and Emma Shea.  Coaches John Jeffries, Genie Thompson and Len Pappano


16UG Team Members:  Grace Turner, Ellie Thomson, Taite King, Megan Jamieson, Abby Lamothe, Sarah Monaghan, Emma Gaudet, Adelle Allard, Anna Poullas and Addy Mitchell.  Coaches Murray Doucette, Sally Riendeau and Cloe Labelle


Weightlifting L-R: Whisper Gillespie, Cameron Dahr and Brooke Allerston


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