Buses have been cancelled again today (Tuesday), with the Winter Storm in the forecast calling for 20-30 cm of snow, starting Tuesday and going through Wednesday.

While schools do remain open, since December I don’t think students have had one full week of classes that haven’t been disrupted because of bus cancellations or snow days.

So here’s my crazy proposal for a new school year system: Two Half Year Semesters.

Semester One begins in August and runs to the end of November. Semester Two begins in March and runs through June.

The students and teachers would be out of classes from December through February to avoid most of the time period disrupted by snow days.

Students get their Christmas and New Years break even more and while there would only be one month of summer break for teachers, they would overall have four months of combined vacation and prep time.

You would also maybe save money in the overall costs of heating the schools at the same rate as if they were in full capacity.

It would completely change the way we have structured our societal schedules, but at the same time, isn’t preparing your day and being interrupted by snow just as big of an obstacle to begin with?