The North Bay Battalion usually take to the ice at Memorial Gardens on Sunday afternoons, but yesterday a handful of Troops were on Aberdeen Avenue.

They visited The Home Depot’s Backyard Rink Contest winner Brian Belfitt and family.

Belfitt tells BayToday he wanted to build the backyard rink to spend time with his son.

Growing up in Mattawa, it was always street hockey, that’s the way you were raised. I wanted my son to have that same feeling, because those are the memories that last forever, being on the ice until 9 o’clock and mom yelling ‘get in the house’,” he says.

Troops Captain Justin Brazeau tells BayToday it brought back some great memories.

“If I was playing hockey and it wasn’t with the team, it was always in the backyard, my Dad always made a rink for me growing up, so it was nice to be out here,” he says.

Also on the ice were Matthew Struthers, Christian Propp, Luke Moncada and Brad Chenier.


Photo courtesy North Bay Battalion on Twitter

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