The North Bay Society of Architects is spreading the word on architecture.

They recently secured $1,500 in funding and all the money has gone towards books which they’ve donated to the North Bay Public Library.

Jeff De Decker is the secretary of the North Bay Society of Architects

He says there’s 100 books in all.

De Decker says originally they focused on books for children.

“We worked with the library to generate a list they didn’t have. Through their discount it only consumed half of our funding. We went further and used the rest to get architectural books for adults,” he says.

De Decker says the books cover a wide range of subjects.

“They promote architecture, they’re explaining what architecture is and they’re talking about architecture as an art,” De Decker says.

He says the funding comes from the provincial association.

Judith Bouman is head of Adult Services at the library. She says it’s a very generous donation.

“I would buy architecture books anyway but it would be piece meal. But not an overcompassing range of materials that this collection has,” Bouman says.

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