This year I have committed to having #fiftytwocoffees with fellow business owners in our community. Once a week I have been randomly paired with someone to meet, learn, and make a new connection! The idea is to bring the young business community together and grow a stronger North Bay!

For week five, I got to chat with Dayna Greco who is the owner of London Underground North Bay.

Dayna came to be a store owner after a family friend who had previously owned the store was moving into retirement and asked if Dayna and her sister were interested in taking over.

Having very little knowledge of the fashion/retail industry personally (except for having glimpses of The Devil Wears Prada the few hundred times my wife has watched the movie) it was interesting to hear Dayna discuss the inner workings of picking different fashion lines, buying and selling from designers and how to stay up to date on current trends and trends that would work for North Bay and northern shoppers.

It was great to meet Dayna who is part of a solid group of younger and newer downtown business owners who are working hard to revitalize the downtown.

Five cups down, 47 more to go!

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