Pierre McGuire put his foot in his mouth again.

He had Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Kendall Coyne Schofield providing analysis with him at ice level during last nights Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins game on NBC, and during their opening hit before the game he says “Tampa’s going to be on your left, Pittsburgh’s going to be on your right….We’re paying you to be an analyst, not be a fan tonight.”

I’m pretty sure an Olympic Gold Medalist knows what side of the ice the teams are on. I’m pretty sure she knows she’s not being paid to be a fan. She is an elite athlete and a tremendous contributor to the sport, having been named the Patty Kazmaier Award winner for being the best collegiate hockey player in the country. Last week she became the first woman to participate in the NHL’s skills competition at the All-Star Game.

Could you imagine McGuire telling Sidney Crosby or John Tavares or Cassie Campbell not to be a “fan”

This is so condescending and irritating and this is why it’s so important to continue to push that message of equality in sports.

We have women officials and high ranking front office staff and it would really be nice to see the day when it didn’t matter what gender someone was, all that mattered was they were the right person for the job. And McGuire is continuing to prove it’s not him.

Schofield did a terrific job in her analysis the rest of the night and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up replacing McGuire by the beginning of next season because she has officially signed on with NBC.