Shawn Flindall is putting on the brakes of the start of the snowmobile season locally.

He’s the Public Relations and Marketing Director for the North Bay Snowmobile Club.

He told BayToday before they can get on the trails and get them ready they need a break from the mild weather of recent days.

“The mild weather isn’t doing any favours that’s for sure. There’s really no frost in the ground yet. Until the ground freezes, the swamps freeze and the waterways freeze we’re at a bit of a standstill,” he says.

Flindall says people should stay off the trails until gets a lot colder especially on Trout Lake where it’s open water.

“We are urging people to be smart this time of year, don’t make a bad decision that can lead to a bad result,” Flindall says.

He says the season is atleast a few weeks away from starting.

Flindall says trails are open in Quebec, Pembroke and Kapuskasing.

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