Organizers and supporters of this years NDA high school hockey tournament did their part for the North Bay Food Bank and Coach4Food.

On Monday, Convenor Anthony Loreto presented 119 lbs of food and a cheque for $2,000 to the food bank from this year’s tournament.

“You just have to walk in here to the food bank and see the volunteers and the people it’s helping and every year we’re able to donate a little bit and do our part,” he says.

Loreto says the $2,000 is $500 more than last year and they hope to make this an annual committment as they see the difference the food bank makes in the community.

Loreto says they have also partnered up with Coach4Food.

Co-chair of Coach4Food Heath Marson says it’s made a big difference.

“The teams from out of town are donating money and dropping off food. They’re showing their appreciation for the food bank,” Marson says.

Food bank Manager Amber Livingstone says this is a great partnership between the tournament and Coach4Food.

“It’s nice that there are different age groups supporting the food bank through different events. It’s great that Anthony and Coach4Food are teaming up to support the campaign,” she says.

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