Terrorism awareness was the focus of a talk to first responders at a conference in North Bay  on Wednesday.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Kraemer of the OPP and the RCMP say their goal was to make the first responders more aware of terrorism trends domestically and internationally.

“If they see something, say something and let the authorities know. First responders are attending a variety of scenes and it’s better they have the awareness of things that are going on internationally and domestically,” he says.

Specifically, he says they’re talking about organizations linked to terrorism and cases of extremism in Canada and around the world.

Jean Guy Belzile is the Emergency Medical Chief in the Nipissing District.

He says they deal with a lot of privacy issues but their overall concern is keeping people safe.

“You’re now able to communicate with people that you’ve seen and say I think there’s something there. You don’t have to give a name or location. It’s a way to ensure they have have another tool to make a safer environment,” he says.

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