With the municipal election season underway the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce wants to know what its members think are the key issues.

They’ve launched an on line survey on what issues they would like the candidates to address.

President and CEO Peter Chirico says it’s important that people fill out the survey.

“We need involvement so we can look at the key issues. If we don’t know what the key issues are we can’t put those forward to the candidates and they can’t make an informed choice on how they will respond to those issues,” Chirico says.
The chamber would like people to fill out the survey this month and then they will have a list of questions for the candidates throughout the region next month.

The survey covers a wide range of issues from dealing with the government bureaucracy to chamber involvement in election debates.

Chirico says it’s important council candidates know what chamber members are concerned about.

“We certainly won’t be able to add every question to a list but we’ll pick out ones that are relevant to the business community and our membership are asking,” he says.
Chirico says the survey reflects several municipalities from throughout the North Bay area.

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