Officials with the Summer In The Park Committee are assessing this year’s event over the next couple of weeks.

Co-chair Thomas Brown says they did come away disappointed with the crowds for the concerts.

“We tried to respond to the community outcry for change. Anybody who showed up for the festival would agree it was a very different festival. I can only go by the feedback from the people who showed up and their feedback was North Bay missed out,” Brown says.
For the first time the concerts were held at Memorial Gardens and not outside and events were also at Thomson Park.
Brown says parking did not become a big issue as people could park at the Northgate Shopping Centre and take the shuttle to the events.

He says the decision to go indoors did pay off for the event on Friday and Sunday

“We wouldn’t have got a sound check for Friday night’s show which could have affected our ability to have a show like the calibre of DNCE. Our dance party would have been totally ukered if we had the show outdoors due to the weather that we had ,” he says.

Brown says he hopes those who are running for city council don’t lose sight of how important it is to bring the community together by having events like the festival.

(photo Chris Dawson BayToday)

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