The year end results in the city’s key business units are fairly favorable. Several departments are reporting surpluses including the North Bay Fire Department.

Councillor Mark King says the effort has been there at the department to be more efficient and there’s now a sizeable surplus.

“$554,000 on a $14 million budget is really substantial. They’ve made some changes that you have to respect,” King says.

Other departments reporting surpluses include Community Services and Engineering and Environmental Services and Works. General Government thoough came with a $1.2 million deficit.

All this means is that the city has come in with a $430,000 surplus which is well above the previous number of $170,000.

Budget chief Sheldon Forgette says city staff has done a good job.

” Staff looked at multiple different ways to create a surplus. There was efficiencies found through different processes using technology. Staff did a great job and it was all them,” Forgette says.

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