Municipal and school board elections aren’t until the fall, but a local community-based group is seeking out potential candidates for Near North trustee positions.

It’s called Ready or Not 2018.

Parent Karen Matthews says they feel changes impacting students, schools and programming are being pushed through too quickly for this September.

“Just in the last three weeks there’s a big rush, a push is on to get kids into different schools by September, when only months before it was going to be the following year. It leaves a lot of parents scratching their heads,” she says.

Matthews says if the changes take longer than September and it’s best for the students, that’s what the board should do.

She says they try to teach their kids preparedness and that’s not a good way to do it.

“We would like some change in the Near North District School Board with the trustees and hope that some changes can be made that will look at the kids and not the business of education,” Matthews adds.

She say some members of the group are concerned about whether or not their kids will be ready for college or university.

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