A big day at the Cedar Heights Booster Pumping Station on College Drive as a major infrastructure funding announcement was made on Thursday.

The project will provide water services to that part of the city and the feds are paying $2.3 million of the multi-million dollar project.

The province is adding $1.1 million and the city will pay the rest, around $2.6 million.

MP Anthony Rota says it’s important that the infrastructure is in place for development.

He says the growth will be there if infrastructure services are in place, rather than waiting for services.

Chair of Engineering and Works Councillor Tanya Vrebosch says the project will mean they’ll have water services in place for future development, but will also help fight fires.

She says they fight fires in that part of the city “on demand” meaning it takes time to build up water.

That won’t be an issue with the new pumping station.

Rota also announced $850,000 in funding for 18 rural projects.


Municipality of Callander, $71,314 for 1 project
Township of Chisholm, $50,000 for 2 projects
Town of Cobalt, $131,500 for 6 projects
Township of Coleman, $47,500 for 1 project
Township of East Ferris, $50,000 for 1 project
Town of Mattawa, $107,000 for 2 projects
City of North Bay, $2,287,004 for 1 project
Township of Papineau-Cameron, $50,000 for 1 project
City of Temiskaming Shores, $344,282 for 1 project

Two other municipalities also received funding approvals:

Town of Latchford, $50,000 for 2 projects
Municipality of Powassan, $42,500 for 7 projects


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