North Bay Police logoMore details from city police after a two-hour foot pursuit and search for a man on Friday evening.

It’s alleged a person was seen leaving a store on Lakeshore Drive through the IN door carrying a bag.

After it was confirmed the items weren’t paid for, patrol officers spotted the man on a bicycle.

When he saw police it’s alleged he ditched the bike and bag.

Meantime, police say a resident in the area saw the man running toward him and attempted to slow the suspect down.

It’s alleged the resident was punched, but not injured.

The pursuit also involved the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Canine Unit.

The 31 year old faces numerous charges including three counts of theft under $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime, assault, four charges of assault police and a couple breach counts.

The charges stem from a variety of incidents, from shoplifting incidents on McKeown Avenue (May 29th) and Lakeshore Drive (July 2nd and 3rd), a brick being thrown through a locked vehicles window with a purse, wallet and cash being taken (June 23rd), a resident being punched during a police foot pursuit (July 3rd) and four officers being assaulted at police headquarters (July 3rd).

For more information, check out the city police website