bus on AshdaleTransit will be one topic discussed at the regular meeting of City Council tonight (Monday).

There’s a public presentation scheduled on the bus route travelling down Ashdale Crescent, which council approved at a special meeting last week.

The new route was decided on after residents on Labreche Drive voiced their concerns and opposition.

Among other things, residents on Ashdale and Bunting Drive are upset about a lack of notice, a loss of on-street parking and they’re concerned about safety.

Meantime, there’s another presentation on the Cassellholme redevelopment.

That’s also the focus of a report coming to council.

Mayor Al McDonald says this is the second largest project in the city of North Bay after the hospital.

He says the board is looking at different locations for the project, including the downtown core.

Other reports include Memorial Gardens ceiling remediation and painting, phase three of the Ferguson Street reconstruction and family medicine recruitment.

The night starts with the committee meeting of council at 6 pm with the water and sanitary sewer billing transition plan.