water tap2A total of 325 frozen service calls have now come in to the city (as of 8 o’clock this morning).

Engineering and Works Chair Tanya Vrebosch posted on social media that 222 calls have been resolved by thawing or temporary hoses.

The remaining 103 calls continue to be investigated.

Meantime, Water and Sewer crews and the fire department will be undertaking a blitz to hook up temporary lines.

As well, a number of streets have been identified as susceptible to frozen services and residents can expect to receive notices to run their water.

The following streets are included:

Second Ave E
Copeland St
Cassells St.
First Ave E
First Ave W
Fraser St.
Galt St.
High St.
King St. W
Lakeshore Dr (Judge to Premier)
Maher St (900 to 1099)
McLeod St.
Reynolds St. (600 to 799)
Ski Club (700 to 1200)
Worthington E

Vrebosch says if all goes well we are also hoping to deal with a broken water main on Patricia as well as 3 or 4 services leaks that have been outstanding for a couple days.