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Another round of budget talks looks to have brought some consensus around the Council table.

Mayor Al McDonald says one change brought the overall budget down from 2.86% to 2.21%.

McDonald explains that change; he says when it comes to Capital Projects, half the cost is from the “pay as you go” cash fund. The other half is borrowed and McDonald says that is where they found the savings.



This brings the total budget increase down to 2.21% or $76.8-million dollars.


Councillor Derek Shogren says it’s not as low as he wanted, but it’s a number he can live with.



The open process was something Councillor Mike Anthony says he was a supporter of as it allowed a lot of room to share ideas.



Anthony had brought ideas forward at all four of the special meetings of council to look at the budget.


It was a different process altogether as the committees usually meet and then bring their budgets to the council chambers.


However, Councillor Jeff Serran, who is in his first term as a City Councillor says he enjoyed this open process.



The budget is now expected to pass at 2.21% in Council Chambers on March 16th.