water faucetStarting today (Mon) the Memorial Gardens washroom and shower facilities will be open from 8am to 10pm for those without water.

Residents are asked to check with staff to be directed to an available dressing room.

Additional information will be posted on the TV Monitors in the lobby. Residents are reminded to bring their own towels and toiletry items.

The other two city arenas are also still available this week too.

At Pete Palangio Arena residents are asked to check in at the Administration Office while at West Ferris Arena, staff will direct residents to the available dressing room.

Meantime, the YMCA says residents who have been impacted by frozen water lines can shower there as well at no charge.

For more information contact the YMCA.

And officials say Odyssee is opening its doors all week to families with children in need of showers from 4-8pm.

As of Sunday, there were 244 frozen lines with 99 repaired.

Those with historical water issues are advised to run the cold water a pencil width to prevent freezing.

City crews will continue to work until they are all complete.